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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Supreme Judges or Supreme Cowards?

The United States Supreme Court has denied the lawsuit challenging the authenticity of Sen. Barrak Obama to be President of the United States on the basis of that his father was a British subject, and it is believed that he was born in Kenya, not in the United States.

The Court is scheduled to meet once more to debate this subject and decide whether or not to hear arguments concerning Obama's ineligibility, and the fact that his real birth certificate has never been made public.

The case is actually about the fact that Obama and his team have worked overtime to thwart the legal requirements that all other Presidents have had to comply with, and violate the very Constitutional rule of law by refusing to produce official documents, and calling the public's attempts to force compliance through the courts, garbage.

The integrity of the Constitution, and our legal system stands to suffer irreparable damage if Obama is allowed to get away with not complying with the legal requirements.

Seems to me that Obama and his team have an attitude problem in which they believe that they can break whatever laws they want to get what they want, but then again these are Democrats we are talking about here, self explanatory!

The real issue now lye's on the heads of the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the law and the Constitution, and not give the outside pressure from liberals to just let it go, and allow Obama to take office with a black cloud hanging over his head.

My question is this. Is the Supreme Court chicken?? Have they turned into the court of supreme cowards who don't dare to make an unpopular ruling that might result in a backlash from socialist liberals? Are they afraid of causing riots in the streets as pissed off Obama supporters have their knee jerk reactions? Or are they trying to make nice to the new President Elect so he won't seek retribution on them?

I think the Supreme's are scared to stand up and take the heat. Too many women on the court, not enough testicles!!

They should order the Governor of Hawaii to unseal the Obama birth certificate, obtain copies of the documents, and certify that is either natural born, or not!
Either he is fully eligible to be President, or he had sought the highest office in the land illegally, and his bid for the White House is nullified. Then we simply have a run off election and choose a new person to be our President who is honest and upfront, and not a socialist nightmare.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

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This will be our back up blog,and will be updated from more frequently than before.

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